Letra de Into The Sickroom
Into the sickroom...
Surely meet unpleasant death
Into the sickroom...
Stench of death is everywhere
Oh no! Oh no!
Into the sickroom...
Many others are with you
Into the sickroom...
Instigation of the truth
Dubitandum! Dubitandum!
In a pale, darkened room,
Gathered beings circle you,
Saffron robes to the few,
With black souls truly impure
Does the floor, mark the scare
Of the butchered ones before
Candles blaze, in the dark,
And the walls painted black!!
Agony, strikes your soul,
As your mind reflects the past,
The same men, in the robes,
Chained you once to the floor...
Is the child, of the goat,
Forced for hours into you.
Purify the womb from the filth
Where all tribe laid its seed
Must accept this condition,
Incubating for malediction,
In your womb, the one chosen, to be...
Pitiful fate
Is this lords creation???
Reject awful sensation!

Into the sickroom... life disperses fast
Into the sickroom... Unmask the treasures of death
Into the sickroom....
Into the sickroom....
Into the sickroom... listen as death becomes near
Into the sickroom... stench and a dark atmosphere.
They open your womb
The child comes out
There's no escape from this pain
Life gives you no choice
Mercy is not what life is about...no...

Horrendous creation
Death is carnation
Fetus execution
After the birth
Into the flames
Burning the child in rituals insane
Chewing the flesh with the grains!

Satan take this as a holy gift!
Satan take this as a holy gift!
The seeds of hate are spread with filth
The breed from hell will die in grief.

Into the sickroom, life disperses fast
Into the sickroom, unmask the treasures of death