Letra de Ten Lives
Take the time to go through this
And all your favorite works of finding ways out
And sell me the rest
And I talk about it all the time
And I know where the message hides
Its face from the show
Of gorgeous masquerades

And tempting the massive state of a heart in mid palpitation
Cheapens my self doubt
And beats it out
And I have decided that I know that I won't stay on its side tonight
But I'll say hello

And you found out how all my records lie
And the sheltered spinning
Even I thought I could hide
And with you it's played too long
The song without a place
It's played for too long

And tethered now with a small escape
The lines we've made are dripping several shades too red
And I had decided that I knew
That I knew the course ahead
I smashed so hard in the blind spot thrown
It was you
And it's you

And I wish you were the villain
So I could enjoy this
And never feel the ten lives of regret
Oh, and I wish you were the villain here
So I could believe you now
And never hate that I did

Oh, and I wish I weren't the villain here
So I could just say love
Oh, stay love
I know you might not be on my side tonight
But can you say hello?