Vicars Of Glutton Filth (apocalypse Now) Letra

Another Victim

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Letra de Vicars Of Glutton Filth (apocalypse Now)
slaves to the ordinance
march to their funeral song
flaunt their flags of surrender
fashion the seal of false gods
a-poc-a-lypse now
vicars of glutton filth
epitome of how lust can kill
in your instance of pain and sin
tell me where has your savior been? are decieved
your visions...i dont believe
does it shine in the stars
or in flames does it sear
wise women why tell me
what is already here?
those in defiance
blackened and sickened
the rapists and killers
the hands of the wicked
drunkards and gluttons
decievers and liars
neglegent fathers
agents of dire
all demons baptized
with brimstone and fire