Letra de Afraid
I'm afraid of never getting paid.
I'm afraid of never getting made.
I'm afraid of getting played, but shit I be playin' all day.
I'm afraid of witches, I'm afraid of rats and snitches.
I'm afraid of my Mom will hear my track when I'm calling ladies bitches.
I'm afraid of niggers and spics, guineas and dykes.
Chinks and nips, honkies and kikes.
I'm afraid immigrants but shit they all look alike.
I'm afraid of Pakistanis and Iraqis and Afghanis.
I'm afraid of politicians except for Rudolph Giuliani.
I'm afraid of making y'all think too much, I'm afraid to touch.
I'm scared of being called hater, fag, sell out and such and such.
I'm afraid of silence, afraid of the old Ultra Violence.
I'm frightened of being compliant but too much of puss to be defiant.
See powers that be wrote the book now I'll burn the page.
Now what will y'all do when fear turns into rage.

I'm afraid of tyranny and irony and sympathy and piracy.
I'm afraid of being alone but I keep demanding privacy.
I'm afraid of George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of them.
With or without Alzheimer's, I'm still scared of Charlton Heston.
I'm afraid of the far left, I'm afraid of the far right.
I'm scared to go to the club, but I sure love a good bar fight!
I'm afraid of Michael Jackson, but I moonwalk to Billie Jean.
I'm afraid of obscurity but I'm scared I might be seen.
I'm afraid of being trendy cuz I don't wanna be a sucker.
I fear Britney Spears but shit I'd still love to fuck her.
I don't wanna be seen as greedy but I'm afraid to give.
I'm afraid of getting hurt but I need my pain to live.
I dread H5N1 West Nile and Mad cow.
I'm afraid of change but anything's better than the shit I have now.

I'm afraid of reality so I never miss Apprentice.
Saw Little Shop of horrors now I'm avoiding the dentist
I'm at war with Carbohydrates but sorry Molson wins.
I'm afraid of pedophiles but God Damn those Olsen twins.
I Stay home on New Year's Eve and every 9/11
I'm afraid I won't know what to say to God when I get to heaven.
I'm afraid of being too sensitive so I weep grinning
I'm afraid I'm on the road to hell but I keep sinning.
I'm afraid of hell's bells, ghosts, Stealths, trolls, reindeer and elves.
I'm so scared I think I'm afraid of fear itself.
Like Roosevelt, or is it myself? I'm just so damn confused.
From birth it seems my consciousness has been so abused.
I just consume, give away my life so that they will protect me.
With Big Brother on my side, this horrible world can't affect me.
I'd yell out, fuck the world! But I'm afraid of cliches.
The sole choice is overthrow for those tired of being afraid.