Letra de My Truth
You poke your nose while I watch you. I wonder if you want me to touch you. There's something behind your eyes That makes you so televise. Sexmachine is a real floorfill, TV screen is a serial killer. I've seen it all but it's not real. It's not like the way I feel. My feet moving to your direction Let me show you my affection! What comes after hardcore? (2x) Refrain: Stop! Turn 'round! Keep quiet! Get down! Relax! Don't move! Just feel my truth! Bridge: I'm sorry...(so sorry) I didn't mean to make you cry! I'm sorry...(so sorry) Let me sing you a lullaby... I don' like this penetration But it's just a situation: Getting to know you real good Wanting to show you my truth. I'm not the girl I used to be With monkeys upon a tree. I'm in the middle of a scenary It's paradise for you and me. What comes after hardcore? Refrain Bridge Refrain (2x)