Letra de Winterclouds
winterclouds pass me by, looking down at my poor appearance thinking of why i might be so sad you are gone and i don't know, what i'm waiting for misty dust... my life is empty and i am cold REFRAIN: because of you i lost my life because of you i'm still alive because of you heavens change and it will never be the same winterclouds bring me snow falling down at my cold body watching the snow falls down so fast i'm alone and i don't know what i'm looking for gloomy night, my life ist vain and i am cold REFRAIN winterclouds showing me... the shining stars take away the saddest of my tears i am down and i don't know why i'm walking on glowing moon; my life is grey and i am cold REFRAIN vocals by Immanuel Schlittenhardt guitar by Andre Bauknecht bass by Cora Frank drums by Ed Klenske music by Immanuel Schlittenhardt lyrics by Immanuel Schlittenhardt & Ed Klenske