Wrong Lunch - Raw Buffet Of Human Organs Letra

Animals Killing People

Kentucky Fried Killing

Letra de Wrong Lunch - Raw Buffet Of Human Organs
What will it be for lunch this time?
Time to satisfy the disgusting human stomach. With elegance to impress my date.
See!? I have paid a high price! Gets to
choose the most red and delicious
one. Which doesn't move its legs too
much. Give me that one Chef - it really
doesn't matter. They'll all be cooked and
eaten alive Chef killer gets them out of the
tank filled with diseased water. They've
been in there for a long time...The others
have left... Where'd they go? The Chef put it
on the fryer but only its tail... It's just what
disgusting human would pay for. They'll
cook it with oil and sauces to satisfy their
atrocious taste for good.
Once the torturing is over.
I'm served with half a fried
body. Feeling how this fucker delights himself with my carcass, as he pulls out my
organs and devours them I feel too much
pain. Suddenly the power fills my body - I
recover and start to grow and grow. I'm
double his size. He doesn't believe his
eyes! I grab the nasty human and put him
into the boiling oil. Now I'll use his sauces
after opening his carcass. The human feast
has begun and while he's still alive, I apply
my mouth to my awaiting human feast. He
sees and feels everything. Screaming, crying and convulsing in pain his blood and
innards fly into his face. He is now the
first human lobster. Now we are free and
are thrown in the ocean by the killers
Never touch us again malicious humans or
you'll feel the wrath of my claws... again!