We Are Fiends Letra


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Letra de We Are Fiends
Attention audience
We've got a series of tradgedies
to read

Act 1 has begun our scene of sorrow out of plots and morals
On to act 2 now you get a better view of what weve been through.

This ambiance surrounding us
Kept us in the crypt of isolation
With the directors script
And whats next?
Cause were fiends for new entertainment.

She says pull the curtains
The crowd is restless and youre losing their attention.
We need this recess to breathe.
Take the stage, take the stage for me.

Now heres your intermission
It was a formal introduction
Trust me, you dont want a part of this
Try and grasp this devastation
With no hero but each other, and now were counting on each other..in.

Break, in translation we break.
Holding onto nothing.
Lose yourself in this play
Forget your pain, forget your pain.

We hope you still feel your ghost.


Listen up before you jump on this
And now you wanna be, wanna be, part of this
Hold up its not what we needed.
And now theres no one else, no one else to tell this story.
We are fiends, we are fiends.