Letra de Desmadre
I know Im not the burial you came for.
This lack of confidence comes naturally and god knows this gets worse.
You know they say that shell come back to his grave.
Where her love is laid to rest; making peace with her mistakes.

Thats what she said, youre already dead, and you wont change.
Wasting my breathe away, on words with sentiment.
I swear Im over this, its my last cigarette.

Now Im beating at the boards. (Youre digging yourself deeper)
You got this urge to finish what's in store. (oh this pity mercy)
And all I hear is the sound (the sound of desperation)
Of my horrible heartbeat.

You are now tresspassing on high ground.
In love with death as only the young can.

Now Im completely safe; youre far away now.
And I need you like I need this hole in my head.


Asfixiarme con tus besos.
Y con todas las mentiras que te hecho.
Y ahora como me a dolido extranarte.
Y como no tuve la fuerza para aguantarte.

Hark. One more time. Its a desperate cry. (For attention)
Mocking her masterpiece, she would rather die. (For affection)
Hark. One more time. Its just another lie.
Mocking her masterpiece. My hideous heartbeat.