Letra de Bloodless
They're profiting from your worry
Selling blanks down at the DMZ
Banking on the sound and fury
Wonder what it's to do with me

Bloodless for now

I'm keeping mine with the altruists
Putting my weight behind the dancer
I know it's hard to be an optimist
When you trust least the ones who claim to have the answers

And it's an uncivil war

Bloodless for now

And the poets they explode like bombs
While the gentry is drinking Moet Chandon
Turn around and quote a well known psalm:
Don't you worry 'bout the wicked
Don't you envy those who do wrong
And your innocence will be like the dawn
While the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun

The best have lost their convictions
While the worst keep
Sharpening their claws
Peddling in their dark fictions
While what's left of us we just hem and we haw

And it feels like 1936
In Catalonia