Don't Cry For Pain Letra

Ana Johnson

The Way I am

Letra de Don't Cry For Pain
Hey man, here`s my plan
I`m gonna break it
Hey you, don`t be sad
Here`s you chance so take it

If you slap my face
If you don`t call
Honestly, I don`t care at all

Maybe I`m a bit complicated
All I know is

I don`t cry for pain
I don`t cry from fear
You know that
I don`t cry in the rain
No not a tear
You know that

Before you leave, when you go
I think you ought to know
I don`t cry for pain
I only cry for love

Hey now, dry them tears
You know we`d never make it
Cause you caught my eye, not my heart
And play it safe, no I`m not that smart

I never meant to be this complicated
All I know is


I need something
making me defensless
I don`t want another
waste of time
You can`t hurt me so
I`m sure this can`t be right