Letra de Sorry
Say you will
Don't be shy
I'll ask nothing
But your time
In return
I'm concerned

I'm so sorry
I can't do this much better
In front of you
Though I try
I hurt you

By the strange things I never can tell
'Cause I've got them all covered so well
You can't name them nor solve them
Without getting involved

I'm surprised
Never thought
I'd be shy
Always joke
Always smile
Showing off

I'm a jester
I'm not nice
I'm flirtatious
Made of ice
But I'm scared
Deep inside

Still the same things we never can tell
'Cause we've all got them covered so well
You can't name them or solve them
'Cause you're getting involved


No I'm serious
Thought I try
It's my search for
The things I hide from myself
Stupid I