Letra de Born Diseased
The Earth is Suffocating, Swear to Make Them Cut Me Open,
To Make Certain That My Body Won't Be Left Buried Alive!
Nothing New in Dying Now, Nothing New in Living This Way!
You Live Your Life in a State of Confusion,
Let's Rise Up and Start a Revolution.
Your World is a Bit of a Drag Today,
It Doesn't Matter; We're All Dead Anyway.
Is it the way We're Born? Is it the way We Feed?
Is it the way We Live? Is it the way We Bleed?
It's just the way We're Told; It's just the way We're Shown.
It's just the way We're Born; We're All Born Diseased.
Lockdown, Corporate Overhaul.
Filthy System, Suck You Like a Dirty Whore.
Force Feed to Believe, False Sense of Democracy,
Over Feed Aristocracy, Overrun With Hypocrisy.
Give Me Your Freedom; I'll Replace It With Security.
You Cannot Resist, I Am the Face of Death!