Letra de Lost
Tears roll over your face
You wanna hide but you can't
You want to save your grace
Wanna be stronger but you aren't
Stop right now
Let yourself go

Shadows are in your eyes
Where has your light gone
You loose all your ties
And I can see the fight
Of your heart
What kind of part
May I have
In this sadness

I feel you're far away from me
It seems like you slip
Right through my hands
Miss your laughter miss your skin
Please don't exclude me
From your pain
If you go away now
I know you never will
Come back to me, rise
Rise and realise

You are like a growing flower
Even if you sometimes
Feel like weeds
Show all your bright colors
Trust and follow
Your own feet
Wherever they will take you
Don't be afraid
Just stay true
Stay you you you