Chosen One Letra



Letra de Chosen One
Can you mingle me with the dawn
What is over the clouds
Let me perceive your sign
Guide me through my thoughts

Wanna glitter between your stars
Let sound your voice
Fill me up with your mystic warmth
Wanna feel your force

Can you deliver me
Of my darkest doubts
Seduce my hand and my mind
Wanna be fog

Give me your reason of
My presence here
Show me what is under the veil
Let me see clear

Charm me, squeeze me
There is no harm in me
I follow your instructions
Cause I'm sure you're the chosen one
Only you can save us
Give me all your favours
Show me the real direction
And bring me straight to the sun

I'll put all my faith in your hands
It is easier
Than to reflect myself
On my own stand

No more importance has
My own desire
Cause only you can win the fight
Against the fire

Who never wanted to unburden all
His responsibilities to a higher spirit
But is it solution to accpet this fusion
To cancel your reason to be
And so your own individuality