Point Of Safe Return Letra

Amanda Somerville

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Letra de Point Of Safe Return
You look at me with all the regret in the world
Swimming in your eyes
I gulp it down
But, you know, it all comes back with stinging sourness
Did you believe me when I said that I didn't mean
To raise your hopes and then disappear
Or did you just smile because you believe
You're past the point of safe return, anyway

I never meant to make you sorry for loving me
I never meant to make you sorry

You hardly pretend to notice I'm even there
And I don't know if that's really right
You push it aside
But, you know, it only appears to go in deeper
And is it true you believe what I said wasn't real
That it was only a silly game
That just seems easier to believe
When you're past the point of safe return, anyway


I'm so sorry you were hurt
And I guess I can't say enough
It's no fun when you feel burned
But I guess it was hard for me to believe
You should have tried harder to make me see
Ah, hell, it got so hard for us to see
Past the point of safe return, anyway

[Chorus to end]

You could have had it how you wanted
But instead it tumbled down
Could have made us into something
But instead I made you sorry
Could have let me hear it someday
In the time that I was around
But you wanted me to pretend
Then I didn't want it anymore, anyway