Letra de Marilyn
Madonna, she's too rich
Everybody wants to be rich
Everybody wants to be a bitch
And Marilyn? She's dead.

Britney, she's too young
Everybody wants to be young
Everybody wants a refund
And Marilyn is in my head

Mmm took a trip, gone on a plane
Adderall, Vicodin, cocaine
Down the champagne to kill the pain
On satin sheets cause I'm just that vain
Glamorous, just like I told ya
White mink stole from shoulder to shoulder
Rocks like boulders, slick and sheer
Diamond earrings like chandeliers
Stop, drop, roll, stare
I prefer blondes with no pubic hair
No underwear, no time to spare
So you want to marry a millionaire?
What's your sign, what's your size?
35 - 22 - 35?
Meet me outside with the pale moonlight
Don't scream too loud once I'm inside (ouch)

Einstein, he's too bright
Everybody wants to be right
Everybody wants to have a fight
And Marilyn is in my head

Elvis is a star
Everybody wants to be a star
Everybody wants to shoot a star
And Marilyn? She's dead.

I'm back in V-V-V.I.P.
Dom Pérignon deep inside of me
1953, all my friends
No Dorothy, there's a lot to me
Into sodomy but the lobotomy
Lifestyle not part of the economy
I'm guilty, and I can't come clean
I better get my ass in a time machine
I don't know, but I've been told
You're the first Playboy centerfold
Laid out like gold, diamonds, curls
High school girls with their hair in curls
Taught the first stylists how to teach
Red lipstick with a bottle of bleach
Bright white teeth like a million bucks
Then raised the bar on how to fuck (what)

Restricted area, V.I.P. utopia
Restricted area, V.I.P. voilà