Beautiful Beautiful Letra

Amanda Bloom

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Letra de Beautiful Beautiful
Beautiful Beautiful lay me to sleep
Teach me a dream that I'll learn how to keep
You held my hand and you begged me to sing
Beautiful Beautiful here I begin

Beautiful Beautiful now I can see
How I had hurt you why you had to leave
Seasons turn leaves golden brown back to green
Our love will blossom with every night's dream

I cried God above, tell me he's still in love
I have wasted the time that has been
He said, Understand, you must hold your own hand
Trust forever your strength is within

Beautiful Beautiful I know you can
Lost in this distance I still feel you there
Follow the colors of petals I leave
Once more together forever we'll be

We sang and we played I was never afraid
For the magic was effortless then
Now here in the dark I can see love's an art
And it's memory forever will be

Beautiful Beautiful turn down the sun
Pack up the moon, every star one by one
Close all that's open, and blind those who see
If I can not love you, then none else shall be