Reduction Of Beauty Letra


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Letra de Reduction Of Beauty
I can't see who I am
when all these question marks surround my mind
and clutter up my overrun control.
I can't be who I was
when all the real around me
crumbles at the drop of a soul.

Slick suited pompous fakers
flinging well received deceptions
soaked up and saturated.
There is more than ties and glossy shoes
bread that's molded by your choosing;
Cradled and masticated.

Contemplation of the obvious
but I'm having trouble coming to a conclusion.
Longing for everything I'm supposed to despise just a feast for the eyes.
Maybe I just wanted to write another stupid song.

All I have is all I need,
but waking up with something
with someone to fill this empty lonely spot in my flesh would be just fine.
I am a fake. I am genuine.
Nothing's going to stop me this time.
I got determination and a constipation of my heart

Showing the pure longing for relief.
I screwed myself in the mind. Destroying the possibility of
redemption by a predetermined choice to fail.
Reduction of beauty to a satisfaction in my stomach
powered by greed and love and loved by anything offering love.
Longing for everything I'm supposed to despise just a feast for the eyes.

Maybe I'll have time to write another stupid song.
Tonight is the night when I gain a whole lot of nothing.
Tonight is the night that I will not be forgotten
while love will be cheapened.
Tonight will never come.
Tonight will never come.

Delete, erase, destroy.
Shivering in the warmth, knowing that cold is gaining ground just like a
blood hound. Give me one more minute. One more hour.
One more chance to give the best show this side of reality.
I have the script in my hands and I am
prepared to present my next line. I'm going to shout it to the sky.
Everyone will hear and everyone will know and everyone will see that I am

But tonight as I go to sleep
swimming and soaked in my self reliance.
Surrounded by players close to my capabilities.
Falling into slumber at the unexpected snap of a snare.
Crawling with smiles that fade to harsh words and
lies presented as truth.

This script will burn and I will light the fire.
And stare at the flames and I will be reminded of the past and look towards
the future. Where love will live. You will breath life as love
streaming through tears and blood unto my lips.
Can I get relief from you.

Do you hear the orange colored butterfly
singing that we are free.
Chains and shackles break and
pearls liquefy in our minds and heart.
Drink from this cup it's
Holy. True. Beauty.
Holy. True. Beauty.