In My World (Blue Exorcist) Letra


Nostalgia IV

Letra de In My World (Blue Exorcist)
I've been reading comments
And once again I fear you have
Inspired me to write this song

It's alright
'Cause it's that time of year
So sit back for a moment
And lend me your ear

I understand
Ya don't like change
But would ya like really like
For everything on here
To be the SAME?!

She showed her face
"Oh my"
"Well that does it for me"
"I guess I'll unsubscribe"

"Where did the animations go?"
"I really don't like your face, so"
I'm sorry I'm not
Anime enough...

Tell me
Is this what you want?!
Because now
My sanity is gone


This is my channel
So I'll do what I want

I won't play pretend
I'll show my face and

If you don't like it
Go back to 2006

I'm so sick and tired
Of always hiding

So let me have some fun