Magia (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Letra


Nostalgia III

Letra de Magia (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
One day, the light of love
Though it may seem far away
Will shine again in your eyes
(Transcend and rise above)

But there’s only one dream
And it’s been ripped at the seam
This world will end in ruin
(And I’ll lose all I love)

Stifle all your doubt
Let your lust cry out
I will help you swallow your hesitation
So trust me

‘Cause you yearn with greed
Though your heart may bleed
Will we fade away from this world
With no hope to hold onto?

I remember you from a dream I thought was truth
You bright with magic, and I, blinded by my youth
All I wish is for your hand to hold, you see
Only your smile kills the dark in me

With these hands, I’ve tried to hold what I cannot seize
I’m like a rose thrown into a violent breeze
All my strength blown away, with my heart I will stay
Praying for light, guiding my wish with all my might

One day, it will come true
That wish you have inside you
To save the one that you love
(Is that a selfish act)

It will capture you heart
This love born under the stars
You’ll say things you’ve never heard
(Just how will you react?)

If I can go on and not lose my way
I will sacrifice all my heart and let it fray to pieces
What I really need is a spell to cast
To stand up against all the pain and fear that will always last

You are still lost in a dream, like a memory
I’m not the same, it would seem I’m still wide awake
Until we open our eyes at the same time
I will keep marching on into your light

Will these hands, I’ve picked a rose and have stopped its life
Only now I understand, it’s not what’s right
Deep inside, I‘m alive, for my love, I’ll survive
I won’t regret making this sinful wish of mine

The stories that I heard as a child kept me dreaming
Where magic runs free and stars held captive remain always gleaming
The fairytales I loved have taught me (have taught me)
No matter what hurdles there may be, your wish comes true
(Was I a fool to trust in those lies?)

In the night, wild with fright, the old magic stirs
Blooming with grace, it will rise up to meet your face
With your hands, you can change this whole world of yours
Everything that you wish for is in your grasp

All I want is to forever dream with you
To live a life where all of me is alive
Deep inside, I will give all my love, just to live
I won’t regret making this sinful wish of mine