Legend Of Mermaid (Mermaid Melody) Letra


Nostalgia III

Letra de Legend Of Mermaid (Mermaid Melody)
Colors on the wind
Floating from a different world
Greet the dawn
With a song to welcome the daybreak

It's a melody, I hear in my memory
Where I watch birds take flight
Off into the Eastern sky

No time to waste
Can we escape
To the place where the treasure lies
Out here on the seven seas
We will find our paradise

Can we be reborn in the wake of the storm
So that I can tell you the words of my heart
There is so much I would give to you
But in one life there is not enough time

Underneath the waves there is a melody
Telling our story of faraway lands
I'll sing along so I won't forget
So through this song
May the tale live on