I Say Yes (Zero No Tsukaima) Letra


Nostalgia III

Letra de I Say Yes (Zero No Tsukaima)
I Say Yes I swear
I will always be forever here
No matter what is thrown away
I'm here to stay
I promise you can count
On me

Hey, it could be fatal nearly chance
When i first met you
I couldn't hear anything but your voice calling me
Yes, even when life is testing us
I'm the one you can always trust
If we're together, we surely can do anything
Sometimes it's all a blur
And you get on my nerves
But through it all my heart is
Beating strong when you're looking at me

Stay with me today
I will protect you always
We may be from different lands
But in your hands
I swear we're meant to be
I Say Yes I swear
I will always be forever here
No matter what the future holds
Or what unfolds
Let's call it home

Hey, if your example this love is
Only a magic spell within
That would be fine with me cause we're meant to last
Yes, I never wanna turn back time
Back to the distant past of mine
I was so lonely then cause I hadn't met you yet
Sometimes I can be sweet
Or lift the fire in me
But underneath it all, my heart it beats when you look at me

Stay with me come on
Promise me you won't leave me alone
I can't help to think the day that we first met
Felt like our destiny
I Say Yes I do
I will always be supporting you
Even if the seasons change
Or fate decray
I'll still be here

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