Tabi No Tochuu (Spice And Wolf) Letra


Nostalgia II

Letra de Tabi No Tochuu (Spice And Wolf)
I was once alone
No place to call home
And I had lost my way

With this heart I hold
I was on my own
Wandering endlessly

But I found a way to continue on
Now there’s no place too far

Ever since that day
That day I met you
On this road, like a charm

You sing along to the traveler’s song
How I wish I knew the words
Even so, somehow it feels nostalgic to me
Whenever I’m by your side

There’s a world we see in our dreams
Is it out there? Is it waiting?
Is there time for one more journey?
Let’s go find it, beyond the wind

When the daybreaks - When the sun burns

When the night comes, freezing our world

Let’s go find what - What is waiting
At the end of everything

You know loneliness and your eyes confess
You know it far too well
With a single blink
You can show the world
The colors within your heart

Fearlessly riding along with the wind

I'll become a crescent moon

And the tears in my eyes
Become stars as I fly

As I make way through the sky

The endless miles of hills in the country
Stretch far to the sea

A golden tower looks over
A town hidden just through the trees
Mountains, and valleys
Vast oceans and alleys
By night they all share one moon

Is it okay, to take your hand?
Can I lead you, to the fair land?
There’s no limit – no place too far
When you are here my side

The world's waiting for our footprints
Just me and you, we can both view

All the wonders of this new world
Hidden to all eyes but ours

La La La La La