Period (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Letra


Nostalgia II

Letra de Period (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
At last we're here at the half way point
In the heart of our endless journey
At last, while everything still is calm
Take a deep breath
We both have just began to grasp it
But it's slipped out of our hands
And we will learn from those fragile mistakes
'til nothing stands in our way

An unbreakable bond will forever link our hearts
There's no spell, no hell, that will undo us
We have made it here at last
In this never ending dance
And we'll live through us the period of time

It's love that rushes within my veins
It keeps me warm on my darkest days
Just like this one single memory may not fade
I will promise you that I'll do everything I can
And I will take you along
And this song (overflows)
Like a wave (and it glows)
Everything in life sings along

Don't you dare look away
From this one reality
Find the courage to stand up and fight
Turn your anger into strength
Melting sadness in its wake
'til you find your fate, waiting here always

So look ahead and carry on
It's a glittering new world

I am shaken to my core
By the cries that call my name
They're the ones that I will never betray
We have made it here at last
May this future never end
And we'll live through this period of time
At our fingertips, the truth will align