Cha-La-Head Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z) Letra


Nostalgia II

Letra de Cha-La-Head Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z)
Come slide down rainbows in the sky let's fly away
Like a bird you're free to see the barest face of the Earth
Let the wind blow you like a kite and glide away
For beyond the clouds you'll find another place
If the road you see is dark and grey
When night returns to day don't you be free to fly away
Cha-la- head cha-la
No time for hesitate, go on and search the Earth
For there is a magic surprise
Cha la- head cha la
Stand tall and be a friend, you've got the power to get through the night
Cha-la- head cha-la
Forget the things that keep trying to hold you back
For you'll overcome your dreams
Cha-la- head cha-la
Stand tall and find a way so you can face the day, come on