Stars Align Letra



Letra de Stars Align
Blow off that dust
And turn the page
A soft script, it's ink worn with age

Child, this is a tale
But no fairy tale

The crescent moon with shine on you
And soon grant your wish
Shall we take a single step
A step back in time?

I have held for a thousand years
Haunted by this fate

Morning light, a drop of sun
Head of clouds, I knew you were the one
When you called for me, I cursed destiny
My one and only, it was never meant to be

It's a sign, our stars align
But even so, we're torn apart
On this day, the Milky Way was born from falling tears

Carved my wish in a shooting star
Falling down from grays
Make it fly off to where you are
Bury my "goodbye"

Raise your voice
I will grant your dream
So, my child, at least yours comes true