What the Game is Lacking Letra

Alyssa Marie

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Letra de What the Game is Lacking
i give the people what the game is lacking
take it back into the day when rappers passion outweighing the checks they were cashin
make it happen for the sake of rap in general
cuz they been actin pitful the way they lackin principle
its critical we stop an apocalypse in hip hop
cuz the product has gotten shot for the profit they filling pockets
and mockin the ones who started this
artists with a cause and they martyred themself to farther it now we on some retarded shit
my heart is in the game, so if it dies them i'ma die with it
i tried giving it time and minded my business
like i was fine with it, but they use to sign talent
now they sign gimmicks looking for their five minutes
of fame but i'm bout to change it with a verse
and i'm anxious to reverse what the game has been accursed to
remain as, and the worst part is this
the last people you'd expect to be coerced are remiss
in it, the first on the list to give their soul a price
no one fights to keep the prototype alive, instead we lettin em control us like
"look, it wont suffice to leave the people to their own device
unless their told what their suppose to like they wouldnt know, its right
to show em, throw the loaded dice so even though its predetermined
their gonna fail, they think they have a chance and keep returning"
because they preach a sermon saying that the leaves are turning
green and we can be the change in rap we wanna see, im learning
quickly that its not the case though those at the bottom stay low
yall fast to pass the ball to someone else its hot potato
nobody wants the blame, too bad, they said to keep cool, i'll never do that
i'm making waves like a du rag
you mad that i disrupted the bud of what you corrupted now
what a sound, freedom ringing from the underground
these other clowns, only time before they come around
"you should rap on club bangers, youre emo" how the fuck you sound?
buckle down, show that we made to fight
give em a run for their money like the Relay for Life
they'll comment asking "why you always rap about the game?"
and i'ma tell em i'ma rap about its status til it change