Letra de For the Record
let the record show: I know it's not a simple "yes" or "no"
they wrote a letter saying "let it go" and signed it x and o.
bless the soul that hasn't sold it yet
the one that's getting no respect but holds onto their morals with a slow success
if it all, yes, I know the shit I talk
never one to soften when externalizing inner thoughts
but listen, I'm giving yall the vision I wish had then
back when I stood before a path that wasn't past tense
but that's then, this is now, all I gotta figure out
is what fuck that's supposed to mean, I think I'm fit to vouch
and tell my story, though it's short it's gotta lot of lessons
beginnings and endings and blending of curse and blessing
that together form experience, enough to relate to
for anyone, create the need to follow where I take you
shift the love to hate then watch it cycle back, light to black
every type of past uniting through the slightest crack
in wishing they could travel back and fix it
before that crack was shifted to a crumbled wall of fallen stacks of bricks it's
the same shit, different but synonymous and parallel
the fact stress is carried well's a win and lose 'cause half the hell
you're living through is overlooked, that's why I laugh
step back look at life like a joke I finally grasp
hoping while I pass through existence, I can turn a passion to a living
without asking for assistance