Letra de In Friday's Lights
its every night in question/ reflect on converstations/ said/ just take this from me/ ill try and make it easy/ forget the times that did mean so much/ it kills to forget these/ nights spent out in nj/ missing lights like memories fading/ i dont care what nights in question/ i wont forget your last expression/ ever/ can this be better with one more shot?/ can you bottle it up?/ write the same song for a month/ in hopes of one day getting back to being honest/ well now the lines been crossed/ is it right or is it wrong?/well nothing wrong can feel this right/ if up to me id stay all night/ from here on out/ dont think too much/ we'll keep in sight/ we'll stay in touch/ for every line i ever dropped/ heres just one more to top things off// forever/ lets make this better with one more shot/ well i bottled it up/ wrote the same song for a month/ now lets get back to being honest