Letra de You Can't Win Them All
You can't win them all
Cause sometimes you fall flat on your face on the floor
You can't win them all
It's no good at all if you feel that your life is a bore

You've got to hang loose to keep from the noose
And you've got to learn to use your brain
You've got to live right and keep to the right
Then, you're free if you don't go insane

I've seen a lot of people
They've all blown it out
You can't win them all is what they all shout
You've got to keep tryin'
Got to stand up a gain
You can't lose them all, babe
Cause one day you'll win

You've got to have taste or life is a waste
And you don't ever tune yourself in
You've got to keep on or they'll get you, my son
And they know that you just can't win
"You Can't Win Them All" as written by Alvin Lee
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