Letra de Unforgiven
Forgive me if I've missed you
or missed you take my pride
I cannot see a thing
you have taken my sight

Forgive me for forgiving you
oh you sold me out this time
give me something to think about
that won't make me want to cry

is it worth it
this life keeps getting worse
is it worth it
and what the hell is worth

is it worth it
I can't even see
is it worth it
was it worth it to you, worth it to me

Forgive me
I seem ot lose some ground
I'm stumbling
choking myself down

Forgive me
I seem to forget
where I come from
and how I came to live

you survived me
as I still survive
you have tried me
as I still will try

is it worth it
I can't see, i can't see
is it worth it
whats the next line
was this worht it to me