Travel The Roads Letra


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Letra de Travel The Roads
Stand in line
forfeit the rights
of having daddy stay up late every fucking night

I'm all right
and it suits me fine
I'll be fucked if I'm late for one more of my rides

Shake it off
so she didn't call
no need to worry, she'll be there tomorrow

Take a break
get off of work
they'll be pissed as hell but you can always call them tomorrow

I know you've been working
and the family can go to hell
I know things are getting to where they shoulda been a long time ago
and you're just coming out fo your shell

so look at me
I'm at peace
why don't you try the things that i have

smoke it
let the times go
smoke a bowl
yo, you'll understand

smoke it
let it go
smoke a bowl
and just let the good times roll