Letra de Scorn
Sought after
broken down
I thought you
were coming into your own

hard to pronounce
I can't talk
too much shit in my mouth

~maybe its the foot
maybe its the hand
or the words that just can't spit
or the fact that I can't be who i really am
maybe its good
maybe its bad
the fact that I can't speak and can't say a word
you're so happy but it fucking hurts
and I am so glad you give a damn

Bought into
everything you do
I am simply a little piece of the puzzle
so fuck you
as I go through
and pick my life up and back where I started again, does it matter

So take a look
at my life
it is shit and do you know why
you made me this
into this shit
sticking my face right back into my regrets, my life

my only wish
is for you to die
to shove your pupils into the shit you tried

to pull

you tried
to pull