Let Them Laugh Letra


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Letra de Let Them Laugh
I have the vision in me
a heart of gold and a mind in a cell
better left untouched and never angered
don't want to think about this now

beaten to the ground with blurbs
misusage of vein that can't destroy my soul
the demons that stab me with their words
swallow their oen venom for what they know

~Torn down, it's me now
and no one is coming to save us
Alone now, it's all gone
and no one is coming to save us

so let them have their fun
the clouds will part as the days go by
they will have to face our God
eating their own tongues as they die

spin the whell of hate to see where you land
I can't wait, I'm so eager to have the upper hand

down, they take me
down, they rape me
they have me
damn them
damn them
oh it's gone, but they thinkit's all okay

it's not