Letra de Crazy
You people are jaded
talk with your money and don't know how to spend it
need nothing but a new saying
to get your spirits up

You have to be playing
can't see this being real and how come you're still hanging
around this croner
oh, this is the one for the cheap fuck

I see
I see

Give me a dollar
I know it
I can see this forever
I see it

Lets give it another try
come on
you know you want to try

live a better life
or at least you can try
under the shadow of the street lights
singing your song and dancing the line
favorite food at your resaraunt
can't even tell you how I feel or waht i want

I want it
you know it
can't hide the feeling I want to show and
I want it
I know it
I see it and I cannot hide it