Cramped Position Letra


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Letra de Cramped Position
Preserve my face before its broken
I cannot make believe bause I've awoken
I cannot even pull away, it keeps pulling me back inside
Forget the lies, they never meant a thing
remember me, and what i bring
I cannot ever pull away, it pulls me back for another try

~Give me a spoon to dig myself out
I am in a hole
turn my head to the right and put me upside down
my head is in a hole
I need to get out

Stay awake until the rest of the losers leave my bed
I don't want to wake up with them laughing by my side
I am not the kind of person that likes to think about my own death
tell them to leave me or I'm gonna go on a fucking rampage

killing and pursuing
I'm sick of all the lies
I don't want to die

~Give me my reason to life
I am in a hole
I need a new way to look at the light
I am stuck so
give me something more to think about
after all this you would think its clear
but everything is twisted more than ever before
and for some reason I'm still here