Letra de Please Don't Let It Be
Save me a place, down in your heart.
but dont let the road , take you too far from me.
And late in the daylight, late in the day.
Turn your head slowly, turn it away.
Call me when you need me
But please believe me...

Believe me that your standin on the edge of somethin good.
And its the hardest thing you ever had to do.
Truth be told your beggin on your knees
Singin please dont let it, please dont let it be.

And if you get lonely, part of the time.
If you start losen, part of your mind.
Down in a mystery, you live and you learn.
You breakin so easy, everywhere you turn.
Come on and call me when you need me
But please believe me...


Cause I came around for everything I never told ya.
How could i know that you were leavin.
These days are fallin out, im stuck inside my self and i cant see it, but i believe it.

(Thanks to Marisa for these lyrics)