Letra de Melt
when it gets to the point i can't control
i feel so small
the hole left unfulfilled again
you're my only one
salvation feels so far away
i can't remember how to get out or if i ever knew
my hands are thick
my skin is stinging
and you could save me if you were here
i feel like i'm imploding
i feel so small
and salvation feels so far away
i've tried to breathe through the oppressive steam
the polaroid pictures bleed through the white upon the seam
so i might as well set it aflame
it's always been melting away
every time i'm fooled by my own game
melted wax pours out of my face
eye contact
never cared what you do
i want to be
but i see right through you
fix me with a pill
you are my iud
nothing breaks through when you're unhappy
i'm in a dream and reality's always been melting away
i wish those months could last forever
concentration thinning every day
nothing breaks through when it's melting away
be my camera
what's going on
sweet girl protect me
you are my iud
the tingle increases
my heart starts to race
it's burning inside
melt the wax from my face