Letra de The Darkest Eyes
Your face, an image in my mind
Burned in my thoughts, you're my passion.
Clock ticks, so slowly in my dreams.
Where is the life I'd imagined?
Setting out, alone or so it seems,
Open your mind let it happen.

Tears fall, shed from the darkest eyes,
I had ever seen I was mesmerized.
Tears fall, shed from the darkest eyes.

I am afraid to speak to you.

I hold your hand; things will be better now,
Let's let your soul be dismantled.
Truth isn't real, blindness and innocence,
Time to forgive and be happy.

I am afraid to speak,
I am too sick to eat,
I want to be alone with you.

I'm always here, by your side
Just the same, I will hide
Till the end, has arrived.

Till the end, we are together now,
Till death do us part we'll be happy.