Letra de Drenched
It's raining so hard outside,
We start to take a walk.
I look you in the eyes,
A sudden mind block.
It's funny how I never,
Felt so good inside.
I hope this isn't the last,
I've been waiting for this. for a long time...

We were running through the puddles,
trying to make it home on time.
I put my hand on your face,
and said kiss me one last time
I close my eyes,
Open them up alone in my bed...
I've been dreaming again.... Dreaming Again

It's raining harder now,
and you're not here.
I start to wander,
Why do I even care.
I can only see your lighting,
never to hear your thunder.
There is only one thing I can do.
One thing that I can do..

I run outside,
Look up to the clouds and feel
The tears that roll down from my eyes.
This is the last time
This is the last time I cry

I need you. I need you now.
I want you, Your so distant somehow.
I need you, I want you now.
I hate this, I'm starving for you.
I'm starving for you

I'm on my knees,
I asking please don't walk away from me
I'm on my knees, I ask you please stay with me.
But I know your going to.....
I know you going to leave.

I close my eyes so I can't see,
I don't want to open them without you there again.