Letra de Bleeding Within
He was always in the way,
He's my Best friend, I hate this.
He seemed so close to you,
I bet you never even knew about me.
One day he decided to leave,
Leave it all up to me.
But You're so far away,
I won't forget you this time around.

Thinking back,
A year ago today.
Back then,
You were so much closer to me.
This new heart,
you left me with
Seems so Empty,
But I feel it bleeding within.

If you could only see,
What you mean to me
Then maybe you could let me free.
I can't forget all the times
That we spent together.
I wish I could stay in you arms

The way I felt back then.
Rain Drops,
The way I feel right now.
Broken Hearts,
Never seem to heal.
These scars,
Seem so real.
Is falling part,
In my heart.....In My heart.