Mr. Man ( Feat Jimmy Cozier ) Letra

Alicia Keys

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Letra de Mr. Man ( Feat Jimmy Cozier )
Somethin' about the way you smiled at me just drove me wild
Wish I could know if you're alone, don't wanna cramp your style
But I cannot deny the feeling that I feel when I look straight through your eyes
Feel my heart beating fast for her challenge, may you try

I wanna know if you feel the way I do (I do)
I wanna know if there's a chance for me and you (and you)
If there's no way, meet at the bar and you say can't (you can't)
'Cause I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be
Unfair to Mr. Man, unfair to Mr.Man
Unfair to Mr.Man, unfair to Mr.Man, unfair

Like the way you've given me attention through the night
Maybe I've had too much for me, my man's right by my side
Every time I catch you watchin' me I feel somethin' down my spine
I play the game, it's just for fun and only for tonight


I know all you wanna know is answers
'Cause you could gimme what I need
We both know that we're attracted
Should we let our desires lead?

[Chorus X2]