Fallin' (feat. Busta Rhymes/Rampage) Letra

Alicia Keys

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Letra de Fallin' (feat. Busta Rhymes/Rampage)
Busta Rhymes (Alicia Keys)] (Chew it up, Chew it up, Chew it up) Busta Bus' down somethin' Crucial Keys in the spot Flipmode squad, come on (Fall Fall Fall) Rampage talk to em [Rampage] You was with me ma when I first copped my deal Bought you the 5 karats plus the house on the hill The blue escalade with them new chrome-e wheels You told me the other day I don't know how you feel It's been 5 months, I been driving you crazy You told your friend the other day you was havin' my baby Sayin' I'm acting funny, Ramp I'm so crazy All you wanna do is be my number one lady Fallin' Fallin' [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] I keep fallin', in and out, love with you Sometimes I love you, some, times I'm blue Sometimes I glow inside, other times you made me cry Tell me what, am I to do, I'm so confused [Chorus] Tell me who, tell me what, tell me when Tell me when, tell me how, how... Tell me who, tell me what, tell me when Tell me when, tell me why, I keep on fallin' In and out of love, with-a you, I never, loved someone like you (don't you never say never ma) Im fallin', in and out of love, with you, with you I never, way that I love you (don't you never say never ma) [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] I never felt this way, tell me why I feel this way (come on) How do you, give me such, (come on [3x]) pleasure and pain And when I think, I taken all any fool can endour (ha) Thats is when, I start to fall, for you once more [Busta Rhymes (Rampage)] Every day and night, runnin' the street I ain't got no time for my shorty, tha's why she gettin' (wild for the night) Even tho' I show you my love, just becuz I stay on the hustle you be gettin' (wild for the night) I'm on mean to be plushin' you off, come on ma, I'm gettin' this paper, so why you gettin' (wild for the night) Fo real ma, if I couldn't hold it down and take care of shit, you be really gettin' (wild for the night) [Alicia Keys] I-I-I-I'm fall-falling, fall-fall-fall.. [Rampage (Alicia Keys)] The heavy-weight, what went women that cant rest Me and you up in the 600 S Travelin' for free from state to state All we do is eat good and gain weight When we argue it's love and hate Ma, I made the mistake you gave me a break I got locked by the jake, you was right I had to take the whole cake (baby got me fall-in) I'm a hustlin' nigga, you know I ain't fake, FALLIN'! [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] With-a you, in and out of love I never, love someone like you, love someone like you baby I'm fallin', with-a you, I never, said I never, way that I love you I keep on fallin', in-and-out-of, with-a you, love-with-you I never, no-i-never, love someone like you, love someone quite like my baby Im fallin', fallin', with-a you, I never, never, way that I love you (Spread it out y'all, move it out y'all, get it up y'all, keep it movin y'all, keep it goin y'all, let's go, let's go, let's go, come on) In love, out-of love, in love and outa love Up and down, and back I fall (Alicia Keys talk to em please!)