Letra de While I Drown
Just need to wake up
Trapped inside my hands, save me from falling down
Never ending sleep
And with life my hands, wings save me from crashing down

I spend hours looking blind, only a second to let me fall and
I feel the open sky and wait for it for saving myself

Downward spiral, gravity pulls
Attracted down, feels like there's nowhere safe where I can land now

Forever now my blood is running cold
Motions like knives while I drown
I hope that it is just a dream

Cry out loud this everlasting note
That echoes within my mind
I wish that it was just a dream

My arms to fight the wind, like needles piercing my skin
Lights are calling I never could see lost within this trance

Falling faster, slowly deeper
Pulled down, feel like there's no ground safe where I can land now

Save me from where I fall down

Always now, my eyes wide shut are, slow me down

It's tearing me to pieces
Time to wake up