Letra de Arrival
When our vision dances, what do you see? a wishful young man trapped?
Less than who i am compared to? another freshman with no direction?
I have nothing but necessities, a soulmate and my cohorts
Creating a third love. now where's that juxtaposition view?
Before you pass judgement, ponder this for me:
I dig deep for those you claim are insane
And you're the one with all that you could want, yet you seem unhappy
Proving my parent right again, old chum
You are nervous in my presence with good reason
And this is why i am half your age yet twice the man that you are
And still, i see us equal
And you my dear, you are contradiction in human form
Study the downfalls of venus and you're always falling down
Speak of justice for the similar, yet you generalize the opposing side
Find an escape by placing blame
Oh no, you couldn't possibly have a twisted train of thought
Screaming equality when we are not comparable
The difference is, i am myself at all times
Can you say the same and mean it? yes, i'm biased
I found the perfect one so when i make eye contact with you and say "hello,"
The only thing you owe me is acknowledgement. i'm seeking nothing else
Yet, when others don't turn their heads, you develop a complex
Now let me ask you, why is that?

Incite personal insight inside. quietly scratching chins
Reside in a cocoon of themselves, not thinking about others
These are words for those. forcible opinions;
Throat cramming a favorite sport
Give me your pamphlet and i'll fold it into a backhand using origami
Keep it to yourselves. these are words for those. unhappy with outcomes
Take it out on yourselves but you never will
No matter how much wealth in knowledge you possess
Still in poverty with understanding. these are words for those
First impressions count? not in my opinion. i've learned to let go
Not telling you what to do, just suggesting
To all who can relate to what i'm saying, these are words for those

I sit by the waterfront gazing at the lights
Which remind me of where i was 1/4th of a year ago
Here i am, holding on to the cord with the rest of my classmates
But all of our teachers are dead or changed, which rearranged our courage
Ability for response and the ever-important motivational speeches
Which we write for ourselves, they seem to be working
It's changed my way of thinking
"introducing the new, improved alias with 3/4ths less bitterness than before."
I said good-bye to the depression so i could usher in the comfort
Let me do my little dance for your approval
Smile, clap, and give me praise
I've dreamed about this magic moment since my teenage days
Yet i might change some things if given a chance
I really don't regret anything
"live and learn" is how it goes if i'm not mistaken
Opportunity keeps knocking on my door
I'm lucky i was blessed with supportive parents, a sister, and a brother
I'm glad i was swept away from the shore where i was wading knee-high
It forced me to swim with all my strength
Lucky i was walking on the beach that day
Pay attention to the context clues, and stop and smell the roses
I catch myself staring off into another world, not seeing what's before me
Daydreaming is what helps me think clearly