Letra de Rebecca
He always wants to be just like Rebecca
But Rebecca doesn't have a face
She always wants to dress just like Rebecca
But Rebecca doesn't have a place
And so she took some time
To decide
That to live happily she's got
To change her mind

So she laid her hands down
And she buried them in the ground
She said, "I'm going back to my roots."
She said, "I'm going under to find the truth."

Her body followed her hands into the soil
The tunnel was already built
She discovered a white rabbit, so beautiful
He said, "I'll take you on a trip."
And he laid her head down
And her dreams spilled out onto the ground
He said, "You're going back to your childhood."
He said, "You're going to write down everything you should."
"This time should be different," she said
"This time I'm unlocking all the thoughts in my head."

"I'm wiser, I'm older, I'm younger.
More thankful, more grateful, much stronger
I never want to see her again
Let Rebecca be buried with the rest of them."