Backseat Sleeper Letra

Algebra One

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Letra de Backseat Sleeper
The steering while is melting in my hands and i think you understand that we've abandoned all our plans the gun is still warm the blood is not yours but it's all over your shirt so ditch it in the dirt

faster faster hit the gas left lane is ours everbody eles gets passed my pure sweet adariana and i will never die

true and two(truant two) stay awake have not sleep for a thousand hours you can take a nap in the back hold me now sweeten the heart attack

salvation might come in many forms i hope that ours is an engine so let's drive down to the shore this is too say anything to be true when the movies comes out who do you want to play you burn burning asphalt blurring peals of your laughter

hit the ceiling now i'm reeling revealing two teens turned intop a great team do you know what i mean yeah yeah you and me lets sleep for days then drive down to the ocean's waves this hotel room is getting old but your kiss refuses to trun

cold crustacenas and the fish awake it's an imaginary chase salt water i will love you this summer we'll have a really good time while i'm a total wreck inside and then with one quick spin she explodes behind my grin i can't do anything without your state of being i can't feel anything without your eyes on me