Letra de I Know
Umm, Umm, Umm Yes
Yes I forgive you for everything you've done
There's no feeling sorry
You see a new day is begun
There ain't no pockets
You got a few of my tears, but those you can have
Cause I don't need them here

See I know what it feels like to get struck
Then have to turn and walk away
And I know what it feels like to lose your peace
But then forget that you did not pray
And I know how it feels when
Somebody does you wrong intentionally
That's why I try to live right
And late at night, I say my prayers before I sleep
Hey, I know [x6]

No I won't pick up and cause a commotion
Cause every word I could say would be a wasted emotion
See there ain't no possession
You got the key to some of my pain
But don't worry about the return
Because the locks have been changed

I know what it feels like to get stuck in between
But don't know which way is best to return
And I know what it feels like to do the right thang
But then somehow it's still wrong
See I know how it feels why you got a best friend
That treats you differently away from home
And I know how it feels to stray through
Your enemies and your kinfolk

I know [x6]

Maybe I will go back on everything I've seen
Take it for what it was
It's not a part of me
See here in my world
It's so easy to forgive
But here in my heart
It gets harder to live