All The Sociopaths Hibernate In Florida Letra

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Letra de All The Sociopaths Hibernate In Florida
Florida is for hope and cheap hotels, over-priced.
What is an ocala anyways? I'm coming. She walks around.
She walks around with her head in the clouds.
She gives her heart. She gives her heart to all who ask.
I'm coming. Florida or bust. She's giving up and I,
I'm filling up at a gas station. Where am I anyways?
She's happy now. Don't kiss with lies behind your lips.
Don't touch with deceit upon your fingertips. Laugh. Laugh hard.
Tell your friends what you've done.
He wants her back. Get her back. Call me back.
Nevermind. Never you mind. Nevermind.
Florida is for whores and wasted gas.
I'm Alabama bound. And we won't last. I hope you choke.
I hope you die alone with your head between their legs.
Everything good is dirty. You make me sick. Vomitous.